Hystone Integrated is an IT management company that carry on all or any business concerning information technology needed, & general contracts. Our company is located in Nigeria and has consortium in Ohio, USA.

Many of our business concerning information technology includes:
Surface Geological Mapping & Map Production.
Geophysical Investigation.
Exploratory Drilling & Coring.
Borehole (Water Well) Drilling.
Pollution, Erosion Control & Management.
Environmental Impact Assessment.
Mineral Mining & Investigation.
Geotechnical Studies.
Water & Soil Analysis.
Civil Work.
System hardware/software Importation & Sales.
System Assembling, Software Installations & Anti-virus Protection.
System Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Repairs.
Computer programming.
Database management services.
Web based services.
Networking & Business Supports.
Training & General Contracts.

We have over Eleven (11) years professional experiences in the business of information technology services, products,  sale and services, Geosciences, Mineral Engineering and Civil Engineering. However, we have all the training we need in order to fix the most complex problems in our field of operation. We are also representatives from Agencies for All Information Technology field, Manufacturing Company in research, or any Allied Business.
Our activities include but not limited to sales, repairs, training, and consultancy in the information technology sector, but also other fields of contracts. In Civil work, Hystone has Build 49 sites in Nigeria on Telecommunication.
Be sure to contact us for your services needs. And we would be happy to offer you best service in regards to our products and services.
Hystone Integrated 
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